The practical relevance of permission marketing in India

“Seth Godin is the ultimate entrepreneur for the Information Age.”— Business Week

The term Marketing has existed from ages and it’s has been expanding with its encore capabilities. The term permission marketing came into existence by the entrepreneur Seth Godin after mastering the skill of digital marketing. “Seeking permission before u can actually market” is the whole zest behind the whole concept of permission marketing. It works when the prospected customer or audience agrees in advance before the product is being showcased or advertised. It gains relevance in digital marketing specifically in e-mailers, subscriptions, newsletter etc. where the user has to input a certain set of information before he/she can actually receive any kind of information on the specific set of categories. The type of marketing is effective as there is already an overload of the marketing products and the consumer is left confused with the product options. This also allows reaching and staying updated about the specific kind of product information rather than being spammed by the competition. All our email boxes contains a spam box which runs with an engine which blacklist the spam emails, fraudulent advertising, flaw subscriptions and unsubscribed and unauthorized e-mailers and all of this generates importance for permission marketing which provides niche, specific and spam free marketing information. This also applies to the unwelcome marketing phone calls and other marketing gimmicks.

India is country which is now digitally evolved and about half of the country has gone online and rest is being prepared. According to a recent survey there are about 40 million internet users in India and about Rs. 400 Crore is being spent in digital marketing in comparison to Rs. 17,000 crores which is being spend on print & TV ad spends. Now the concept of permission marketing though applies can’t be amplified to the rest of the media vehicles as its quite conservation to “not to watch a TV channel on which a certain brand might come up with any kind of advertisement”in the same way it also applies to the radio and print media as well.  Permission marketing comes with unique benefits which make it a “no- spam” and reliable marketing content. It’s a time saver and an answer to the clutter.  The online spending and shopping has eventually increased in the India over the period of time as most of the housewife’s and office working executives are much friendly on buying stuff online. Also the overall online market has grown as it provides hassle free shopping experience and deliverance to the consumer. There is saying with regards to the Indian Consumer which says that In India that the customer won’t buy the product until he touch and feels it. On the other side for marketers its permission marketing becomes a nice tool for a hassle and complaint free market. They get to meet their genuine buyer and prospects. Overall if calculated the measure of impact in Permission marketing is also high because know the advertiser know its subscribers and there relevant requirements. In India it’s more of emerging marketing because the no. of users who are specific about the kind of services they require are less known and the major chunk of the online subscription comes from the online selling portal. is an example which is known popularly known among the executives offers a mixed array of services daily morning right into the email box and delivers its message into the right manner. Textual marketing is another widely used tool in the India but most of the times it turns out are textual harassment where u keeps on receiving anonymous sms from the unknown companies regarding to buying out their services. These parameter are majorly used by telecom, Real-estate and Insurance companies. The uninvited text messages reach your inbox with no prior notification and they are immensely difficult to get rid of. There is a service like DND i.e. Do not Disturb which allows to be registered for not receiving these unwanted telemarketing call and sms. All of this is a display the unworthy and untrustworthy content which we have to come across on daily scenario in our lives and turns out be time wasting and annoying. The relevance of permission marketing is deemed to go high in future as the clutter tends to increase the pressure and uselessly floods the inbox of the phone and the email. The more and more awareness in the later stages help the brand maintain its customers and reputation in future.

A formal permission should be obvious in times because in certain cases it increases and spread the unprofessional-ism. An organization requires great content and product to evoke the prospects to permit the delivery of the marketing content.  It aspire huge patience and creativity to unleash the potential of permission marketing. There is a great saying “Patience is the companion of wisdom.” Which implies?


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